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 According to annual studies completed by the National Association of Realtors, the average tenure in the home has increased over the years. The average tenure in the home in 1985 was 5 years, in 2018 the average tenure in the home was 9 years. With a few exceptions over the years in between, on average people are staying where they are longer. In addition, low inventory continues to increase prices in many areas.

Another point of interest in the profile data for sellers is the “Satisfaction with the Sales Process”. The report indicates that overall on average in 2018 64% of sellers were “very satisfied” with the sales process, 25% were somewhat satisfied and 12% were dissatisfied with the process.

While there are many variables that constitute what results in customer satisfaction, as a Realtor I promise to work diligently in facilitating a smooth transaction process. My goal is to offer services with professionalism and integrity. I will not make false promises to lure a client. I cringe when I see these real estate ads promising a “Quick Sale”, “Easy Sale”, “Stress Free Sale” etc. The truth is, there are so many people interacting and touching the same transaction that you couldn’t possibly “promise” to know beforehand what each of those people will do (or not do) nor how they will do their job.

I can promise you this, if you allow me to help you in the sale of your home, I will diligently work to prepare you for any hurdles throughout the process. I will be there with all resources necessary to assess the situation an enable you to make an educated decision on moving forward. Being ready is imperative. Emotions begin to rise when surprises come up. If you are adequately prepared you are then in a better position to handle issues without getting emotionally worked up. Of course, there are times when situations arise and emotional responses are simply unavoidable, but if you are well prepared, you can approach the situation rationally to enable logical decision making for the next step.

Tips to prepare

1.) Locate and have ready all necessary documents. These may include but are not limited to: Mortgage info, 2nd Mortgage or any equity lines of credit info, title ins. policy, deed or copy of deed, most recent tax bill, copy of closing statement when you purchased, HOA dues info & HOA CC&R's & Rules and Reg's, HOA Management info, copy of warranty deed, recent survey if available, termite bond if available and floor plan if available. 

2.)  Make notes on what attracted you to the home. List some likes and dislikes. List some design changes you would like to have made and how you overcome them. 

3.) Make notes on any items in your home that need repairs. 

4.) Make notes on what you like about the neighborhood and what you don't like. Note anything that is changing in the neighborhood or your home's surroundings.  

The key is information. The most information you can provide, the better. Nothing is more frustrating to a buyer than to view a home and have little or no information about it. Some buyers may be viewing many homes in one day so, the most information they have on a property the better comparison they can make.

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marketing options

 There are many things to consider in how you want to market your home/property. Everything from safety to marketing costs and much more.

Since 1985 the percentage of For Sale By Owner (FSBO) sales has declined from then at 15% to 7% for 2018. In 2018, 55% of the FSBO sellers knew the buyer (friend, relative, or neighbor). According to statistics sellers that knew the buyers tended to have higher median household incomes compared to those who did not know the buyer.  FSBO that knew the buyer, the time on market was usually around two weeks, and sellers received 100% of asking price though typically sold for less than the selling price of other homes.

safety is important

Safety is first and foremost. Unfortunately, there are people out there that see a home for sale and see opportunity other than purchasing. This fact doesn't change whether you're selling as FSBO or listing with an agent. Realtors however are trained and educated in safety measures that are constantly being reviewed and updated. There are specific safety measures to always consider, especially when showing houses, holding open houses, even displaying information online.

multiple listing service

Working with a Realtor gives you access to markets that are not available to the public. Your listing is distributed through a multiple listing service that is a paid for membership only. It's not even close to free. Not only is there a cost but also required continuing education and ethical practices. Your listing will be available to agents in a broad range as well as in a local circuit that is directly responsive to buyers search criteria. This puts your listing on the top of that agent's list if their buyer has matching search criteria with your property.

social media

In addition to the mls your listing can be made available on all social media (if that is your preference). Some sellers prefer to stay limited to their marketing for various reasons. Even though that may limit your exposure that is a right a seller has and is a required discussion with your agent.

Photos & virtual tours

Photos help a great deal with attracting buyers. Photos can be compiled in a clean video presentation of the property displaying an online virtual tour- almost as if the buyers were walking through the property in person. This helps in giving an idea of the flow of the property. These tours can be viewed through the mls and also on all social media if desired. You even have the option of distributing the tours on your own social media sites.

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